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Business Basics

  • Opening balance $100
  • No monthly maintenance fee if average collected balance is $3,000 or more
  • A monthly maintenance fee of $10 will be assessed if the average collected balance is less than $3,000
  • 200 transactions free per month (checks, debits, deposited items, deposits and credits)
  • $0.30 per item fee over 200


Active Commerce

  • Opening balance $100
  • Competitive earnings credit tied to average collected balance
  • Credit used to reduce monthly service charges and transaction fees
  • Monthly maintenance fee $10
  • Per debit charge $0.15
  • Deposited item charge $0.08
  • Earning credit $0.10 per $100


Progressive Checking

  • A saving vehicle with money market rates that is accessible by check or debit card
  • Earns money market interest rates, tiered based on balance
  • Opening balance $15,000
  • A monthly maintenance fee of $15 will be assessed if the balance drops below $15,000 at anytime 
  • A charge of $15 will be assessed on each transaction that exceeds the regulatory limits shown below:
    •    Up to 6 external/internal transaction combinations


We also offer checking accounts for Non-Profit organizations and IOLTA accounts for attorneys.

Please see your branch manager for more information.


Cash Sweep Account

  • Automatic investment solution
  • Allows you to earn a competitive yield on your excess business checking account balance that would otherwise sit idle
  • Set a designated target balance for your business checking, all excess cash is automatically invested, or “swept”, into an interest bearing sweep account
  • Should your checking account balance fall below the specified minimum, funds will automatically swept back from the interest bearing sweep account in into your business checking
  • Monthly maintenance fee $35


FDIC insurance on each Citizens Bank & Trust Cash Sweep Account will be limited to a combined total of $250,000 for a all deposits held in the same legal ownership category per bank, which includes Cash Sweep accounts and any other balance held directly or through intermediaries. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before investing.